Wholesale Pricing

 At Appalachian Candle Company we strive every day to create the perfect candle for your customers.  Relentless testing, continual product improvements combined with our 100% soy candles being hand poured means we can offer you soy candles with a superb long lasting quality that many in the industry can’t touch. 

Only employing several 60lb wax vats, a few great folks that actually care about you and your candle experience means that we are machinery free.  Being machinery free every candle is touched several times by a caring hand, poured by a caring hand and labels applied by a caring hand.  All of this is just for a customer experience straight out of the Appalachian Mountains! 

Appalachian Candle Company is well known for our sensational alcohol inspired fragrances such as Hillbilly Homebrew, Maple Bourbon or Tennessee Bourbon, Raspberry Sangria or Peach Sangria “don’t let the names fool you, they are really lovely.”  We are also known for our true to life fragrances such as Lemon Poppy, Blueberry Cobbler and Cranberry. 

We will provide the following to anyone regardless of size and purchase amounts.

  1. Hand poured soy candles with extreme attention to detail
  2. Ensure you have the correct product during the right time!
  3. Continual, new offerings for you and your customers.

To Establish Wholesale Pricing please email stef@appalachiancandleco.com 



The Appalachian Candle Co. retailer family is growing daily! If you have an interest in our products and would like to know more about carrying our lines, please take a moment and email for more information.


After your account has been approved, you can place a wholesale pricing order directly through our website using the wholesale pricing in the navigation menu.  You can also place an order by calling Stef at 615-497-2402, or email stef@appalachiancandleco.com  Creating an account in no way implies that you are tied and bound to carry Appalachian Candle Company products.



 "Great company and products! The candles burn long and clean. The fragrances have authentic scents and there is a great variety available at all times including seasonal varieties. The owner and staff are very professional and always there for the customers and retailers. I highly recommend this local company."- Sarah Fagley of the Local Company, Johnson City, Tn

"So far, I love everything that I have tried. The melts are the best that I have used. Strong, lovely scents. The candles burn nicely, with a great throw. Overall, very happy with it all"- Kristen Blackburn, Sunset Shores Up North LLC

 Choose the best handmade candles, wholesale soy candles, scented soy candles for your store today!!!